Vocational Training, Employment and Human Resource Policies

This category includes the following consulting services:

  • Labour and employment market studies
  • Local Employment Pacts – Local Employment Initiatives
  • Planning and operation of employment promotion structures
  • Training – employment relation studies
  • Planning and management of integrated programmes for human resources development
  • Planning and management of labour market information structures – Employment Observatories
  • Assessment of activities supporting employment and vocational training
  • Diagnostic studies on employment relations, occupational health conditions and safety
  • Preparation of staff regulations in companies and agents
  • Work organisation studies – Human resources restructuring
  • Training material assessment – dissemination of innovation in training
  • Training needs research studies
  • Design and implementation of vocational training programmes
  • Implementation of new technologies in Vocational Training (tele-training, e-learning)
  • Programmes for the promotion of Social Dialogue
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