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Gnosi Anaptixiaki

Gnosi Anaptixiaki Business Development Consulting was founded in 1997 in Thessaloniki and offers high quality and high added-value consulting services to businesses and organisations of the private, public and wider public sector.

The Company offers an integrated set of personalized quality services for the planning, development, implementation and support of private and public sector projects.



Business Planning – Services of Investment Programmes

Business plans, Feasibility – sustainability studies, Investment studies according to development laws and funding regulations – Project management and more.

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Vocational Training, Employment and Human Resource Policies

Labour and employment market studies, Local Employment Pacts – Local Employment Initiatives, Planning and operation of employment promotion structures and more.

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Regional and Local Development

Development studies and business plans for geographical areas, Business location studies, Human resources development local planning projects and more.

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Management and Support of Co-Funded Projects

Technical support and management to agencies for the implementation of cross-border – cooperation projects, Participation in corporate partnerships and technical support of cross-border cooperation projects, Evaluation of Cross-Border and Transnational Cooperation Programmes and more.

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Gnosi Anaptixiaki Business Development Consultants has implemented a wide array of projects and studies for businesses, organisations and agents.

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